cabinetmaker's sidekick

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The Cabinetmaker's Sidekick was designed to carry a tape measure and writing utensil on your belt. Never waste another minute looking for your tape measure and pencil.

I designed and built the first Cabinetmaker's Sidekick because I had a need for such a device. After using it in the "real world" for several years, and sharing them with my friends and family, I decided to share them with all. I am sure you will find this little device will become one of your most valued tools. So from our shop to yours, I hope you enjoy and your 'Sidekick serves you well.

  • Each Cabinetmaker's Sidekick is sewn together by American craftsmen, using traditional, time-proven techniques. Then each one is hand-assembled with care.
  • They are available with the pencil holder on the right or left of the tape measure.
  • If you saturate the leather with water, insert your desired writing utensil, and allow to dry your 'Sidekick will accommodate almost any writing utensil.
  • The stainless steel clip will securely hold most tape measures.
  • You can anchor your 'Sidekick on a belt loop by using the slot on the back.
  • The Cabinetmaker's Sidekick is perfect for anyone who takes measurements and notes.
  • Each Cabinetmaker's Sidekick is guaranteed to be free of defects. If you have a problem within 30 days of purchase, you may return it for a full refund or replacement.

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